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SUN SEPT 24 | An afternoon of music with Chris MacLean & Don Bray | 4pm

Chris & Don's longstanding friendship unites in song for a matinee show of fantastic music and collaboration

BRAY & MACLEAN Indigenous author Richard Wagamese speaks of a broken ceramic heart that has been mended with gold filling the cracks. He says the beauty is not merely in the filling, but in the courage it takes to enter the cracks of our lives, so that the our gold becomes revealed. It’s in the beautiful brokenness of being human that both these two songwriters find their muse. Bound by shared insight, a 25-year friendship, and a deep appreciation for each other’s artistry, Chris and Don are finally blending their hearts and talents to make music together. The combination – of Don’s stunning finger-style guitar chops, Chris’s bell-like evocative voice, and their award winning song-writing – renders a powerful new contemporary\roots union.


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