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Love a Good Story

The Motel Chelsea started out in 1958 as The Tulip Valley, built and run by the Faasan family. The Tulip began as a classic diner with car hop service right at your window. It was the first place in the previously dry region to get a liquor license so naturally the place was packed. The Tulip, by then a local institution, continued until 2021 under the stewardship of Dan Faasan and his wife Odette. 

Meanwhile in Wakefield, in 2009, I started Café Le Hibou and it quickly became the village hangout and a magnet for visitors. The place was so busy it felt like I'd pushed a boulder off a hilltop, jumped in front of it and started running. Fast forward to 2020, we found ourselves helping our friends Chris Brown, of Wolfe Island Records, and his business partner, Tom Carpenter, with their brilliant community-building act of restoring The Hotel On Wolfe Island.


I loved working on the hotel project so much that a Sunday breakfast at the Tulip turned into an impromptu tour of the property followed by an offer at week's end! And so in 2021, I was delighted to become the new owner of this historic community hub. My team and I are stoked to be jumping into the growing motel revival trend to create a truly special place where folks can experience a great night's sleep, a beautiful meal, art, music and poetry. Check out our PoemPhoneProject, curated rooms, or live acts to see what we mean. 

Since The Chelsea Hotel in NYC was home to one of my favourite Quebecers, Leonard Cohen, and this iconic place was immortalized in song (Chelsea Hotel No. 2) by Leonard, I thought the kismet of our location in Chelsea, Quebec was a destiny I had to meet. Hello Motel Chelsea!

We're bringing globally-inspired, locally-sourced dishes to you through Oiseau Bleu Marché Café. Think Sinatra meets Dean and Deluca. We’ll be vintage, we’ll be modern, you’ll be caffeinated, cocktailed, and well-fed. 

But mostly, Motel Chelsea is a state of mind we want to share with you, our guests. A mind-space where nature and art and life come together, where a love of beauty, good food, earth-care and connection combine for artful living.

Come over to our place. We can’t wait to meet you.



Love the planet

Motel Chelsea used eco-friendly materials in our upgrade of this vintage gem.


From our tin ceilings to our low VOC materials like Fusion, Farrow and Ball and Benjamin Moore paints, to our Logsend Reclaimed River Pine Flooring (a part of local logging history!) we put the well being of the earth and our guests first. Plus we packed the joint with upgraded eco-friendly insulation so you can be at the perfect temp!


Much of our furniture was re-imagined and up-cycled by vintage stylist Una McDonnell. While picking up these classic treasures in her car, Una listened to the complete Harry Potter Series!

Our rooms feature a Silk and Snow Organic Mattress that is GOLS and GOTS certified, handmade all-natural amenities free of chemicals, including Plaine shampoo — a B-Certified company that uses reusable metal bottles. 

We work with you to engage in eco-practices through laundry reduction, re-usable bags, water bottles and travel mugs.

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