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the Starlite

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Oh the amenities

  • Silk and Snow organic mattress
    and coverlet

  • Logsend reclaimed river pine floors

  • 46” flat screen TV

  • Retro record player with local records

  • 50” LED fireplace

  • Frigidaire mini-fridge

  • Built-in bedside device charging

  • WiFi

MotelChelsea - The Starlite.jpg


  • Luxury bathroom with marble tile and glass shower

  • Dyson hairdryer 

  • Motel Chelsea's own Orange and Cardamom Bar from Apple Road Goat Milk Soaps. Handmade locally.

  • Plaine Citrus Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner, all-natural, sustainable.
    A B-Corp certified company

  • Twenty20 handmade orange and fair-trade shea body butter

MotelChelsea - The Starlite - Bathroom.jpg
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