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Bob Webb Sat Jul 15 @ 9pm

Bob Webb brings his rich voice and beautiful country/bluegrass music to the Motel Chelsea for a special evening of songs and smiles

Growing up in a musical family from the Ottawa Valley, there was always plenty of music in our house. By the time I was 21 years old, I was playing music full time right across the country spending two years in Alberta and three years in British Columbia.

After winning Duo of the year in B.C and having had 23 songs recorded by other artists, I left B.C. and returned to the Ottawa Valley. Since then, I have been playing in bands such as The Pie Plates Bluegrass Band, The Bob Webb Bluegrass Band for the Bluegrass Awards at Huntsville, accompanying other musicians on the dobro and singing solo gigs.

I have continued to write songs and have recorded three of my own CD’s. Local artists, Rae Palmer and Levi Hart, have also recorded some of my songs.

Prix et réalisations / Awards and Achievements:

1967 Best Up and coming talent

1981, 1982, 1983 Winner of three song writing competitions

1983 Molson Danny Award for Duo of the Year

1989 Alberta's Song of the Year (Fantasies and Magic)


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