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SAT 24 FEB | Songs From A Drunken Piano (a re-imaging of the music of Tom Waits)

This revue features 3 singers backed by multi-instrumentalists performing their own arrangements of selections from his incredible catalogue, all in a wide variety of music styles and all different from Tom's original recordings.

With Christine Fagan, Ken Kanwisher, Matt Aston, Chris Breitner,

Alise Marlene and Steve Berndt.

Tight vocal harmonies are backed by guitar, banjo, blues harp, trombone, accordion, zither, bowed saw, mandolin, cello and many other synthesized keyboard sounds along with percussion instruments including, of course, a kitchen sink.Whether of not you're a Tom Waits fan, this unique revue of his beautiful & haunting melodies is a must-see show!


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