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19 & 20 OCT - PYJAMA EXTRAVAGANZA @Motel Chelsea

HOTEL TAKEOVER SLEEPOVER PARTY 4:00 pm Complimentary Welcome Cocktail and Charcuterie

6:30 pm Dinner Family Style: Beef Bourguignon, Morrocan Chickpea Tagine, Mixed Greens with Lemon Basil Dressing, Crusty Bread, Butter, Cheese

After Dinner Cocktails. YOU are not driving anywhere so just unwind. Outdoor seating at the fire pit or crawl into your bed & read a book while sipping. Unbothered by anyone.

THURSDAY MORNING 9am'ish - whenever'ish. Breakfast in a beautiful Box delivered to your room with hot Coffee and Tea. Eat as you wish. Sleep more. SLEEP IN. You can chill and sleep till noon. Super SLO-MO lazy day. Continue to do absolutely nothing. Like seriously, ZERO, nada.

Guests will receive a welcome treat basket from ~~just 'cuz you freaking deserve it!!

Pricing: 239$ for two in a room 269$ single The Palms - Double $249/ Single $289 Que Sera Sera - for 3 friends, 239$ each Route 105 - 2 friends $269 each

Call us to book your spot! 819-827-3888.


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