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Gin Joint Djangos 7 piece Jazz Band, SAT May 13 @ 9pm

Mash Musique presents Gin Joint Djangos

Gin Joint Djangos bring their tongue in cheek jazz stylings to Motel Chelsea on May 13, 2023 for a night of swinging jazz, hot Latin tunes and swirling cocktails.

With a repertoire that spans from Louis Prima to Britney Spears and Metallica, this is a jazz band that brings the fun!

Expect two sets of high energy, danceable music from this unique 7 piece band led by Greg Paul Stone and Kelly Craig.


Kelly Craig -trumpet

Greg Paul Stone - guitar/vocals

Val Nehorova - drums

Caylan Penny - bass

Zeek Gross - saxophone

Paul Adjeleian- trombone

Matt Evans - saxophone

Dinner reservations also available. 819-827-3888


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