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SAM 27 AVR | Keith Glass Band | 21 h

Combinez toutes les influences musicales d'un groupe de musiciens s'étalant sur plusieurs décennies et vous obtenez le Keith Glass Band : quatre personnes qui creusent et jouent ensemble une superbe musique Roots-rock originale.

Billets 20 $ (+ frais) adv @Eventbrite ici ou 25 $ à la porte

My musical life (and I think probably all of ours) began in a high school rock band (with my current drummer!), then shifted to folk, bluegrass, country, western swing, rock and roll, and rhythm and blues. I became a professional musician right out of high school and that was it. I am an original member, songwriter and singer with Prairie Oyster, and I have played and toured internationally with that band as well as with Sneezy Waters and - most notably for many fans in the area - with the fabulous Lynn Miles.

The other guys in the band are all veteran players: fellow Prairie Oyster alum Alistair Dennett on drums, Steve Trecarten on organ and saxophone, and Mike Turenne on bass. I think our sound can best be described as roots-rock and roll, with heavy doses of R&B, folk, blues and rock. I feel like this band plays my songs the way they're meant to be played - with a lot of soul. Listen, dance, groove.


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