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SAM 27 JUILLET | Lynn Miles | 21 H

Passez la soirée avec Lynn Miles, une auteure-compositrice-interprète acclamée réputée pour ses paroles sincères et ses mélodies captivantes.

Billets avancés chez Eventbrite 40 $ (+ frais et taxes) ICI ou 45 $ (+ taxes) à la porte

Coming from a country renowned for having outstanding singer-songwriters, Lynn Miles is considered Canadian songwriting royalty. With a JUNO Award in 2003 for Roots Traditional Album of the year, Lynn subsequently scored JUNO nominations in 2011 and 2006. She has taken home six Canadian Folk Music Awards including three for Songwriter of the Year.

Lynn has the ability to instantly convert listeners into lifetime fans. On her newest album (her 16th), “Tumble WeedyWorld”, she sings about the differences between people, which ultimately only demonstrates how we are so much the same. As always her ever-emotive voice carries each lyric with breathtaking clarity and heart-wrenching honesty.

“Lynn Miles makes being forlorn sound like a state of grace” John Pareles, New York Times


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