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Luxury Gift Baskets Now Available at Oiseau Bleu Marché Café

We now offer a nice range of unique gourmet and luxury gift baskets.

Choose from one of our carefully curated baskets or build one of your own with our impressive range of delectable treats and unique treasures!

Oiseau Bleu Marché Café is open daily from 9am.

The Minibar $85

Truffle Chips

Chili Nuts

Avocado dark chocolate

Milk chocolate caramel corn


Sparkling wine gummies

Lakrids original licorice

Banoffee milk chocolate

The Italian $75.00


Fennel Pesto

Thyme Olives Razor Clams


Thyme bay olives

Aubergine and Parmesan pesto

Sicilian Madarin Vinegar

The Greek $99

Baked giant beans


Sea salt

Olive Oil


Lemon Crackers

Preserved lemons

Capers in white wine

The Gentleman

Small: $150.00


razor blades

the shaving soap in canister

Chocolate – Gin

Valencia peanuts

Hazelnut chocolate

Old fashioned cocktail mix

Bamboo toothbrush

eucalyptus mint bodybutter

The Gentleman

Large: $250

(Everything in The Gentleman Small plus)

Shampoo rosemary mint and vanilla

Jamie Oliver cookbook

Cheese sables crackers

Smoke chili nut mix

The Grand hot sauce

The Christmas Basket $160.00

Mulling spices

Golden glogg

Turkey spices


Brandy butter

Cocoba wine truffles

Mixed crackers

Christmas chutney

Chocolate mouse

Torta di siena (fig and walnut)

Bittermilk gingerbread cocktail mixer

Christmas peppermint bark Dufflet

The Cheese Lover’s $150.00

Cherries for Cheese


Paprika Olives

Rosemary Crackers

Fennel and Chili Cheese Sables

Gouda and Chive Crackers

Christmas Chutney

Artichoke and truffle Pesto

Fig Ball

Seggiano Antipasti

Rhubarb and Muscat Wine jelly

Traditional English mustard


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