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DIM 14 AVR | Edgar Breau avec l'invité spécial Darryl Gould | 16 h

L'auteur-compositeur-interprète DARRYL GOULD ouvrira le spectacle au chant et à la guitare acoustique suivi d'EDGAR BREAU à la guitare acoustique/électrique et à la harpe.

Billets 20 $ (+ frais) avancé @Eventbrite ici | 25$ à la porte

Edgar Breau is the leader/founder of the internationally acclaimed Canadian art rock band, Simply Saucer. Their belatedly released proto punk album, Cyborgs Revisited was voted the 36th greatest Canadian rock album by a broad assemblage of musicians, critics and promoters in the Canadian music industry has recounted by journalist, Bob Mersereau in his best selling book The Top 100 Canadian Albums. High praise has come from around the globe including Shindig UK, MOJO UK, the London Sunday Times, Creem, Uncut many others. Chicago media giant, Pitchfork prounounced it as the 9th greatest punk/garage album ever recorded.Simply Saucer headlined most recently at Memphis Goner Festival while touring the U.S. and Canada. The most recent reissue of Cyborgs Revisited is on the celebrated California record label In The Red and available all over Europe, Japan and throughout North America.

Edgar’s four solo albums have also garnered critical acclaim. Johnnie Johnstone in UK music magazine SHINDIG writes “Simply Saucer legend, Edgar Breau’s third long player is his most accomplished yet. He creates a glorious cornucopia of Pop and Folk tunes, effortlessly amalgamating Fahey-esque picking, raga influenced psychedelia, CSN style West Coast harmonizing and avant-garde guitar experiments with fluid Cosmic Country and pastoral Anglo-Pop.

Reviewing Shadows of Ecstasy,, Shindig hails “A Canadian legend returns with yet another fascinating turn of the wheel of fortune. The origins myth of a long, strange musical ride.’

Bob Mersereau of CBC New Brunswick commenting on the story driven lyricism on Patches of Blue says “This type of unique bard-like character usually does pop up from England, be it Andy Partridge (XTC) or Robyn Hitchcock (Soft Boys), people with a flair for language and a broad range of musical interests. Breau might be able to make some Dickensonian comparisons to his east end Hamilton roots, but I thing it’s more the case of the strangest career in Canadian music continuing to give us great surprises.”

Darryl Gould

Hamilton singer songwriter, Darryl Gould will be opening the show. Darryl recently released Green Grass, with the Dinner is Ruined band.


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